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Review: Schrade SCHF 37 Frontier

Lots of folks seem interested in Schrade’s high-value, low-cost SCHF 37. I put mine through the paces and posted a review on This is no custom knife or anything like a TOPS, but for a sub-$40 hunk of high-carbon … Continue reading

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Snowy Walkabout

One of the many miracles of nature is the unforeseen lesson: out of the blue, she teaches you something new. Yesterday I went for a walk in the local woods, seeking burls on fallen trees to make a kuksa, a … Continue reading

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Knife Mods: Schrade SCHF37 Reborn

The inter webs have been buzzing over Schrade’s new bushcraft series knives, and I myself was seduced when I saw the price of the knives–any time I can get a hunk of 1095 steel for under $40, I am likely … Continue reading

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On Knives, Philosophy of Use, and the One-Knife Solution

I will warn you now: knife purchasing can be addictive. Part of this has to do with something knife enthusiasts label “philosophy of use.” Let me chat a bit about a few knives I own to illustrate what I mean. … Continue reading

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Bushcraft shirt takes shape

Well, I made plenty of errors on the way, but my DIY bushcraft shirt made of my dad’s old wool army blanket is pretty much done. The front pockets accommodate hands but also room in three separated sections for miscellaneous … Continue reading

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DIY Bushcraft Shirt

For some time I have been eyeing the┬áLester River Bushcraft Boreal Shirt. It is gorgeous, just the sort of thing I’d love to wear when scouting and day hiking. Big, warm, durable, and thoughtfully designed. The problem for me is … Continue reading

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A Beautiful, Desperate Struggle

It was my good fortune recently to travel to Costa Rica and there to experience firsthand that country’s remarkable biodiversity. From rainforest to cloud forest, Costa Rica offers a dazzling and at times overwhelming array of species. Coati, tree frogs, … Continue reading

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Light My Fire Swedish Fire Steel 2.0 Failure

A mix of sporadic sleet and snow induced me to head outside today to do a little product testing. I was eager to play with my new Grilliput portable grill, and I was curious to test the BioLite KettleCharge, too … Continue reading

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Lakeshore Tracking

After heavy rains in spring and early summer, a drought settled in in my area. Three rows of beans shriveled and died, and as the weeks of summer wore on, the water in local creeks and lakes shrank away from … Continue reading

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Leaving the Firmament

One of the many debts we owe Native American culture is the hammock. I recall in childhood my first discovery of a hammock, a beguiling swing-like contraption on the deck of some forgotten building. Wooden spreader bars held a fascinating … Continue reading

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