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On Knives, Philosophy of Use, and the One-Knife Solution

I will warn you now: knife purchasing can be addictive. Part of this has to do with something knife enthusiasts label “philosophy of use.” Let me chat a bit about a few knives I own to illustrate what I mean. … Continue reading

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Light My Fire Swedish Fire Steel 2.0 Failure

A mix of sporadic sleet and snow induced me to head outside today to do a little product testing. I was eager to play with my new Grilliput portable grill, and I was curious to test the BioLite KettleCharge, too … Continue reading

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Lakeshore Tracking

After heavy rains in spring and early summer, a drought settled in in my area. Three rows of beans shriveled and died, and as the weeks of summer wore on, the water in local creeks and lakes shrank away from … Continue reading

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Fixed Blade Reflections: A History of Acquisition

When my love of nature first began to enjoy a renaissance after a period of focusing on my career and my family, I began to refine and hone my gear–my kit, as some refer to it. This process of refinement … Continue reading

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It happens every year, without warning. Summer is still in full swing, the sun still bright and hot, the days long and hot. I break a sweat easily during these days, pausing mid-activity to discover I am soaked by the … Continue reading

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Another review soon . . .

It is still summer, so I can’t wait to put the sample Outdoor Products Amphibian (20L capacity) through the paces to contribute the review to Brian’s Backpacking Blog. Next stop: canoe!

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