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Snowy Walkabout

One of the many miracles of nature is the unforeseen lesson: out of the blue, she teaches you something new. Yesterday I went for a walk in the local woods, seeking burls on fallen trees to make a kuksa, a … Continue reading

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Knife Mods: Schrade SCHF37 Reborn

The inter webs have been buzzing over Schrade’s new bushcraft series knives, and I myself was seduced when I saw the price of the knives–any time I can get a hunk of 1095 steel for under $40, I am likely … Continue reading

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Bushcraft shirt takes shape

Well, I made plenty of errors on the way, but my DIY bushcraft shirt made of my dad’s old wool army blanket is pretty much done. The front pockets accommodate hands but also room in three separated sections for miscellaneous … Continue reading

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DIY Bushcraft Shirt

For some time I have been eyeing the┬áLester River Bushcraft Boreal Shirt. It is gorgeous, just the sort of thing I’d love to wear when scouting and day hiking. Big, warm, durable, and thoughtfully designed. The problem for me is … Continue reading

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Fixed Blade Reflections: A History of Acquisition

When my love of nature first began to enjoy a renaissance after a period of focusing on my career and my family, I began to refine and hone my gear–my kit, as some refer to it. This process of refinement … Continue reading

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My $4.95 Bushcraft Knife

Initial Impressions of the Dan’s Depot Woodsman One of the nice things about Facebook is that one learns of opportunity at the speed of the Internet. Recently I was fortunate to spot a limited offering of a bushcraft knife from … Continue reading

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