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Snowy Walkabout

One of the many miracles of nature is the unforeseen lesson: out of the blue, she teaches you something new. Yesterday I went for a walk in the local woods, seeking burls on fallen trees to make a kuksa, a … Continue reading

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Lakeshore Tracking

After heavy rains in spring and early summer, a drought settled in in my area. Three rows of beans shriveled and died, and as the weeks of summer wore on, the water in local creeks and lakes shrank away from … Continue reading

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Leaving the Firmament

One of the many debts we owe Native American culture is the hammock. I recall in childhood my first discovery of a hammock, a beguiling swing-like contraption on the deck of some forgotten building. Wooden spreader bars held a fascinating … Continue reading

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Spring, finally.

This morning as my coffee brewed and the early morning sun began to burn off the cool of the previous night, my mind drifted outside of my home to speculate on the changes that this long winter’s late spring would … Continue reading

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